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Ostrich is a wellness and beauty brand that develops and distributes high-value, high-performing products and formulas to make every day more beautiful. Our name is inspired by two discoveries made in recent years about the majestic ostrich bird:

First, contrary to common perception, the ostrich does not bury its head in the sand. As a proud, powerful family protector, the ostrich actually makes egg-holes in the dirt and visits them often to inspect their wellbeing. Especially when sensing danger, the ostrich covers the egg-holes and puts its own body in the way to guard against predators.

Second, scientists have discovered that the natural antibodies the ostrich develops carries benefits for skin products made for humans. Inspired by these two discoveries, Ostrich Beauty remains committed to developing premium health and beauty products, integrating the latest advancements that make you prouder and prettier.


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Ostrich is devoted to keeping you happy and healthy in your own skin. Part of our companywide mission is to inspire everyone to live better and combat body-image issues, and that begins with talking positively about yourself. Join us on social media and keep a conversation going about what makes you feel beautiful.

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